website setup and hosting

Getting started

website setup

We want to make the process of creating your website as easy as possible for you, so we can take care of obtaining your domain name and web space (a home for your website’s files) for your site.

We use our own fast and reliable hosting service, dBF Hosting, for all the sites we develop, which come with their own control panel allowing you full control of emails, databases etc. We're also fully backed up!

We'll also get you started with a basic SEO package, and more advanced packages can be purchased.

dBF hosting

Our managed cloud based web hosting provides the ideal solution for clients looking for secue, flexible hosting with faster load times.

All our websites come with 12 months free web hosting. dBF Hosting is a reliable and stable service with a range of packages to suit your requirements. We have options available for simple personal web pages to more comprehensive packages for more complex sites.

All our hosting packages are inclusive of website maintenance for dBF designed websites, so if you require regular website updates or infrequent amendments, there is a package for you.

Technical support

website setup

Our hosting service is so reliable that less than 10% of our customers ever need to contact us, but if you do need help we provide free technical support for our hosting services.

We can be contacted on: