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designedByFrisbee has a specialist software division, which develops bespoke software applications for companies both large and small.

Our specialist software developers build powerful applications which can be integrated into websites, either on the internet or on a company intranet.

Bespoke software has a competitive advantage over packaged software as it complements your business rather than dictates it. We can develop software for a number of purposes, such as meeting specific needs of businesses, to meet the needs of users, or for personal use.

Our highly skilled and experienced developers provide customised solutions to meet the budget and needs of your business. We can help with every aspect of software development from analysing your requirements, through design and development, to user training and support.

We develop bespoke software applications using 15 years experience and knowledge of our in-house team who have created software applications time and again.

More about our software development

Our software applications can help with:

  • allowing multiple offices to access the same information
  • managing stock
  • extracting information from data
  • combining data together from different programmes
  • retrieving information from a database remotely
  • contact records or spreadsheets

This list is not exhaustive and no matter what your requirements we can create an application for you. We work with you to understand your business, your industry and your goals to create a utility to suit your needs. We can offer contract hire arrangements, or work on a freelance project basis as required.